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Design offers the ability to elevate human experience.

That opportunity is at the heart of all my work. Whether designing an individual product or a restaurant serving thousands of guests, I work to arrive at beautiful and intelligent design solutions that nurture users' experience and offer deeper connections with the built environment.

As important as function is to good design, so is beauty.
It is my belief that we subliminally parallel beauty with happiness; that when an environment is striking, balanced, and pleasing to all the senses, we internalize those values and our quality of experience is undeniably heightened.

From color consultations to building design, I strive to deliver honesty, integrity, and genuine lasting beauty.

Full-range design services include:

- Color Consultation
- Concept Development
- Space Planning
- Finish Selection + Specification
- Furnishing Selection + Specification
- Custom Furniture Design
- Building Design
- Architectural Drafting
- Construction Administration
- Surface Design
- Graphic Design

Nov 6


Deb Roy’s TED Talk: The Blossoming of a Speech Form

by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

Deb Roy Spaghetti PathsIf you heard our show this week with psycholinguist Jean Berko Gleason, you heard a few excerpts from Deb Roy’s speech at TED about “the birth of a word.” The MIT researcher wired all of the rooms of his house with video cameras and microphones so that he could better understand how his son learned language. During three years, he captured 90,000 hours of video, 140,000 hours of audio totaling about 200 terabytes of data.

Deb Roy Word LandscapesThe social ramifications of this are incredible to think about, and the landscape of where we learn language and the events that create conversation that surfaces in our culture are equally mind-blowing. His research might inform not only how we learn but the values and influence of pivotal players in the development of our local and national conversations.

Here’s the transcript to accompany Deb Roy’s twenty-minute presentation:

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Another remarkable TED talk. Must see!

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